Pharmacology, simply defined as the study of drugs, seeks to understand the nature and properties of drugs as well as their sources. Additionally, it involves the study of the way in which the body reacts to drugs. The origins of pharmacology can be traced to John Jacob Abel, the doctor who became the first pharmacology professor in the United States. Abel conducted research on the ways in which drugs interacted with the human body and encouraged his students to act as subjects in lab experiments.

Test Trade provides two practice tests on pharmacology. Each test offers students the opportunity to assess their knowledge of topics related to pharmacology. Students can use the practice questions to assess their current level of knowledge on the subject. The practice tests can also be used as study guides. Students can distill the information in the questions and answers from the test into a list of key terms and topics. Students should be able to define the terms and explain the significance of each topic from the list they created. By using the resources provided by Test Trade students, can increase their chances of performing well on pharmacology exams.

Last Updated: 04/30/2014