Medical Terminology

As the name suggests, a course in medical terminology will help students become familiar with the terms they will encounter as they study the field of medicine and start medical careers. Because the field of medicine is so vast, a course devoted solely to its basic terminology is beneficial for anyone who will be taking additional medical courses. Imagine reading a book in which you occasionally encounter an unfamiliar term. You probably have to stop reading, grab a dictionary, and look up the definition of the word. Now imagine reading a book in which nearly every word is unfamiliar to you. Imagine attempting to study for an exam while struggling to understand the words on the pages of your textbook. Students who invest time in learning the terminology can gain an upper hand in their studies.

Test Trade offers a 50-question multiple-choice test on medical terminology. The test specifically addresses medical abbreviations and includes an answer key. The questions are written using common abbreviations in medical terminology and students must select the long-hand version of the statement from the answer choices provided.

Last Updated: 09/18/2014