General Biology

A textbook definition of biology reveals that it is the science of life and living organisms with a focus on their structure, function, growth, and origin. There is a vast amount of knowledge that falls under the category of general biology. Students who are taking a beginning biology class may experience difficulties because it is the first time they are exposed to the concept of life from a scientific perspective. Students taking advanced biology courses may feel as if it is their first time being introduced to biology because of the advanced concepts and copious amounts of new material. Biology is a subject that is better learned than memorized. Students who take the time to actually understand the fundamental concepts of biology will have a much easier time as they progress in their college careers.

Test Trade offers both study material and practice questions for biology students. The study material covers topics including the scientific method, genetics, cellular biology, biochemistry, evolution, and taxonomy. Students can also find materials on the topics of anatomy and physiology including the digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, excretory system, nervous system, and reproductive system. The study guide provides a basic overview of the information that a student would learn in a general biology course.

The practice test section includes a multiple-choice practice test that consists of 330 questions. Students can familiarize themselves with the types of questions they are likely to face on a standard classroom test. Students can benefit several ways from the practice test. First, they can take the test to gauge the level of knowledge they currently have at their disposal. Once they understand exactly what they do and do not know, students can take some time to study the areas in which they are less knowledgeable. Once they feel they have improved upon their knowledge, they can retake the test. If they have not improved, they may need to reconsider their study methods. Another way to use the practice exam is by evaluating each question and each possible answer to the question. Students should make sure to understand why one answer is correct and the other answers are incorrect. In other words, students should not stop once they have answered a question correctly, but rather, students should make sure they can explain why each of the remaining answers is incorrect. In this way, students can increase their chances of selecting the correct answer when faced with the real test.

Last Updated: 04/30/2014