Algebra Review

Algebra can be a difficult subject to understand. Some students seem to have a knack for grasping mathematical concepts, while others have to work a little harder. Most mathematical concepts involve a basic set of rules that must be applied to an equation in order to solve it. The old adage that practice makes perfect is certainly true in the case of algebra. There is no way to memorize all of the possible combinations of formulas and equations, so students must learn to apply a general concept to any given algebraic problem. Students must first understand how to look at a problem and decide what type of equation is involved. Once this has been determined, students can apply the appropriate method for solving the problem.

Test Trade provides both a study guide and a practice test for algebra students. The study guide offers two things: a section on general test-taking for mathematical subjects and a section on algebra concepts and principles. The test-taking section helps students understand how to study math and what steps to take when solving any mathematical equation. The algebra section of the study guide provides a table of definitions that students should understand before attempting any problems. Vocabulary is an important part of math because there are many terms used in the mathematical world that are not used in everyday conversation. In order to successfully solve a mathematical problem, students must understand the words that will be used. For example, assume a question asks a student to identify the base number in the expression 86. The number 8 is the base number while the number 6 is the exponent. This is a fairly simple question, but a student who is not familiar with the definition of a base number would probably miss this question on a test.

Topics covered in the algebra study guide include isolating variables, simplifying expressions, simplifying exponents, equations of lines, and polynomials. The study guide also contains a section that focuses on geometry. The topics covered relating to geometry include definitions, perpendicular and parallel lines, triangle relations, names and properties of polygons, and area and perimeter. The final part of the study guide contains a brief overview of concepts in algebra 2 and trigonometry. Topics include definitions, quadratic equations, radical equations, coordinate planes, and sequences and series.

The practice test offers students the opportunity to practice their skills. The test is a multiple-choice format with 300 questions. Students can use the test to practice and to assess their current knowledge.

Last Updated: 04/30/2014